As with every appreciated developer, especially game developers, I have some unfinished personal projects. This is one of them, but it’s worth publishing it since I was working on it while still studying and learning at the university. I started it even before learning OOP, but I gradually stopped developing it due to my studies. Then I learnt OOP and rewrote it almost from scratch. Last time I worked on this game was back in 2011, while I was attending the XNA programming course.

My initial goal was to create a game in which the player had to solve a labyrinth in a given time. I also added enemies, fights, a basic AI, custom UI and even a map editor. These are the features of the last version I had, which I called v0.4.5 alpha:

  1. 5 playable maps
  2. Time limit
  3. You can change map vision state from the console. It’s activated by pressing “C”
  4. Enemies with basic AI
  5. You can attack by pressing “K”
  6. You can run by pressing “L”. Keep on eye on your stamina!
  7. Three creatures: Human, Crocy and Skel:creatures
  8. Creature collisions.
  9. Available for Windows And Linux (required package liballeg4_4 on Linux)

Here some screenshots:


Resources were mostly taken from: