In the academic year of 2010-2011 I attended a course of videogame programming on the XBOX 360. Actually, more than XBOX 360 programming, I learned C# and the XNA Game Studio. Even though XNA is not supported anymore, I like to have here what we did back then at that course which consisted of 7 sessions of 3.5 hours. Each student worked on their own and the results shown here were my own results during the course. I made no more development or any improvements to these projects after the course because I wanted to preserve the work done there.

Spaceship Game

This is the game I developed during the 7 sessions of the course.spaceship1


There was an exam in the last session of the course. It consisted of making an Arkanoid-like game in 3.5 hours. I succesfully made it on time and could also add some more features like random backgrounds. My results can be seen in the following screenshot:arkanoid1