I am proud to publish my new pet project. It’s called oolog and it is an object oriented log for Modern C++ applications.

Why another log library

The main reason that motivated me to make another log library was the fact that the most famous C++ log libraries on GitHub don’t follow some code practices I am very used to.

In this library you won’t use magic global initialization macros, there are no global states and you won’t need to learn a new way of formatting text.

With this library, you will use proper objects. You will have the ability to create as many log objects as you want and customize them as you like.

Code using this library, will be easy to test and you won’t have to worry about test code logging to console or files. You will only need to inject the provided test double to your class under test.

Find out more

Find more information on its github page: https://github.com/pauguillamon/oolog