Well, 2020 is over. A really eventful year, and so far it seems 2021 won’t disappoint us neither (the US capitol was sieged just yesterday… Anyway, By the end of 2020 I had to do some maintenance tasks on this website, which unfortunately had been abandoned for quite some time. Just by scrolling down a bit, it´s quite easy to find a post from 2016 where I moved my personal website from a custom PHP site that I wrote when I was learning PHP back in 2012 (I believe…) to a new and really nice-looking website:

One of the maintenance tasks implied updating the PHP version used for this site. After doing that, the site didn’t work anymore. It didn’t work because of some free plugin I was using that had not been updated for years and was incompatible with the new PHP version I had to use. And that’s why you are now seeing this brand new look of this website:

New year, new website! With this, and after I bring back all the content I had (just a few things left), I hope I will motivate myself to write more often. I already had some drafts of different topics I wanted to cover (like my opinion on plugins). Anyway, my idea with this is to have a place where I can express myself, and for myself to get back to the ideas I bring here.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to drop me a message!